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  • a native Texan

  • a resident of Montgomery County (MoCo)

  • a wife

  • a mother

  • an attorney

  • a certified mediator

  • a small business owner

  • someone excited to serve MoCo as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 3

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Welcome to my campaign website. This section is meant to tell you a little about me and why I want to be Montgomery County Precinct 3's next Justice of the Peace.


Before finding my forever home in Montgomery County, I lived all over the great State of Texas. Specifically in Carrollton (Denton County), Garland (Dallas County), Richardson (Collin County), Lubbock (Lubbock County), College Station (Brazos County), and Houston (Harris County).

I have always attended Texas public schools and universities. From the fourth grade through the twelfth grade, I attended magnet schools that taught me Latin, Leadership, and Law. I started taking law-focused classes at just 15 years old and became fascinated with the legal system and how our government operates.

For my undergraduate degree, I attended the University of Texas at Dallas, where I majored in Political Science and graduated with honors. In my first year of college, I met my spouse and best friend, Robert Prim.

We moved to Lubbock and attended Texas Tech School of Law, where we both graduated with honors and had a concentration in business law. 

After passing the bar and becoming a licensed attorney, I accepted a non-law (but law-adjacent) position. My heart wasn't in it. I wanted to be part of the legal system that I fell in love with at 15 years old. So, I left that job and started a general practice litigation firm in The Woodlands with my husband.


We took a wide variety of cases, including consumer protection, debt disputes, small claims cases, traffic tickets, evictions, security deposits, mold, bedbugs, probate, school law, employment disputes, oil and gas, personal injury, and more. We got to know all sorts of laws and the stories of people affected by them. 


We bought a house in Grogan's Mill and grew our family.

Over the past eight years, we slowly shaped our general practice firm into a landlord-tenant litigation practice, but we never changed our focus on helping regular people with their everyday problems. A unique part of landlord-tenant law, and many of the other cases that I've handled in the past, is that I spend more time working with Justice Courts, Justice Court Rules, and Justices of the Peace than most other attorneys.

But why do I want to run for office? Why do I want to become a Justice of the Peace?

I partially think of it as a responsibility. People with the experiences that I have should be the type of people to run for this position, but I also have a specific moment to point to as the inspiration for this campaign. I attended an event at the Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County many years ago. At that event, I heard the long-serving (now retired) Montgomery County Justice of the Peace for Precinct 3, Judge Edie Connelly, speak about herself and her role in the community.

On that evening, I realized that serving as a Justice of the Peace was something that I could do and do well. It combines my love of the law with my talent for untangling problems presented by regular people.


If given the opportunity, I know that I can be the Justice of the Peace that Montgomery County Precinct 3 deserves. I will give it my all. 

Want to know more or schedule an appearance or interview?

Contact the campaign HERE.

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